Friday, 7 February 2014

The doll making process and the price of HANDMADE...

The handmade goods are an Vogue at the moment. More and more people are searching for an original from a trusted maker rather than for a cheaply produced item from Asia. Me, and everyone else who produces small pieces at home is excited about this trend, however, there is a problem.

Although many people claim that they appreciate handmade goods, they do not seem to realize how much time, skill and creativity really goes into such item. These factors, of course, influence the price and the price might seem really steep and unjustified to many people. Well, I can well understand that. Although I am a maker, I sometimes restrain from buying an item, just because it is simply too expensive for my pocket, that is normal.

In this post, I am attempting to show, what it really means to make one of my trademark minimalist canvas doll.

Step 1 - the idea is mine, the drawing is done by me and although you can copy it, it will always be only a knock-off.

Step 2 - preparing the canvas - it is very hard material and requieres intensive ironing before it can be used. Then the cutting.

Step 3 - drawing the design on the canvas - by hand! Each shape is slightly different since I am a human and not a machine... Designing the outfit for the dollie is a creative and enjoyable part of the process. Although I repeat some pattern motives e.g. hearts and flowers, each doll is unique!

Step 4 - Embroidering the hair, eyes and dress ellements. It is like drawing with a sewing machine and it is done by me, it is not a computerised pattern. It gives each doll a different character.

Step 5 - Sewing the doll together and turning it inside out - the most difficult and scary step as the canvas is VERY hard and the doll parts are very narrow. Not every doll survives this step despite my most careful precautions. I sew each sensitive area 2 -3 times to reinforce them (work that no one sees).

Step 6 - Stuffing and sewing shut.
Step 7 - Photographing, Listing on Etsy and Promoting...

So, how much would YOU charge?
I look forward to your comments.

My handmade dolls are available in my Etsy shop:


  1. Beautiful work! Most artists and craftsters are perfectionists who put their whole hearts into what they make, and that includes those extra reinforcing stitches that no one sees. You can't find that kind of passion in mass factory-churned out goods. You are so right -- many people just don't "realize how much time, skill and creativity really goes into such items". Those who appreciate and support handmade are very special individuals :)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I think we need to talk about this more and let people to try things out. That way can the appreciation grow (I believe). ;-)