Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Secret Itinerary for the Christmas Markets in Munich

Being an occassional seller myself, I do love markets. The Christmas ones in Munich are a real touristic attraction and I still enjoy visiting them eventhough I live here but it is even more fun showing friends from abroad. After 2,5 years in Munich, I have established a sort of itinerary, avoiding the most crowded markets and selecting the more unusual ones.

Here is the photo-tour for you.

Saturday afternoon/evening.

We started at the Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt (artistic market at Muenchner Freiheit). The decoration is rather contemporary, the sellers are mostly artists and craft people and there is even  "Tent-Gallery" exhibiting local artists (the quality must judge everyone for themselves). The wares include jewellery, toys, fashion accessories, ceramics or paper goods and more... If you are not too cold, there are even music performances.

If you fancy a cute but slightly oversized mosquito for your garten, then this is your market!

As it can get really cold towards the evening, we can only reccommend a fabulous traditional Bavarian restaurant Zur Brezn , which is only few minutes walk from the market.

Sunday (you don't need to get up too early)

First we visited the small market in the Residence on the Odeonsplatz. The inner square of the former palace of the king is rather spectacular location. The market proved to be a real hit with my friends as they managed to buy little presents just about for anyone. This market represent the "traditional" one and offers variery of Christmas decorations, traditional sweets, even traditional bavarian costumes (lederhosen and dirndls). Although it was barely noon, we could not resists the eirpunsch (warm egg nog with cream)!

The next market is the perfect place for lunch. The medieval market on Wittelsbacher Platz offers a wide variety of culinary treats as well as selection of fures (if that is your thing), mediaval waepons, clothing and other bizzare and entertaining items. The sellers wear medieval clothing, so it is a real attraction!


The last market we visited was a real treat. The Glockenbach Weinachtsmarkt takes place only once per year and my guests were lucky enough to be in Munich at the right time. The venue - Muffathalle-provided  a contrasting experience to the traditional outdoor markets. The sellers were offering hip designer wares including art, fashion and more. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos as we were fairly tired by then. But you can get a feeling for the event when you click here (that was 2010, photos from the organizer's FB page): https://www.facebook.com/events/769708256388686/?ref=ts&fref=ts#!/donna.kilcullen/media_set?set=a.1631051868094.2081877.1590564134&type=1

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Market Marathon with the Creative Lab Munich Team

The market season in Munich is really taking off with the start of Advent and this year Cut & Tear is taking part! On Saturday I co-organize a small private selling event - "The Jingle Mingle Market" - featuring members of the Creative Lab Munich team on Etsy and on Sunday was the fantastic Japandult market organized by the owner of Kirschbluete paper shop. The Japandult aims to feature Bavarian and Japanese products and goods with Japanese flair.

Both markets were really fun and here are some glimpses for you...

This was my stall in the Japandult and the crocheted pandas went to rather unexpected buyers. ;-)

My favourite neighbour sellers - the girls behind the L'EnfantTerrible shop provided ongoing entertainment and sold many many many hairclips, although their fantastic designer clothing for children is absolutelly amazing!!!! Make sure you find their stall in some of the upcoming markets!

April from RawLuxGems did also very well. It was impossible to photograph her stall at the Japanduls as it was all the time busy with buyers.

The Mainly Maren blogger and wreath-maker showed (and sold) her lovely creations at the Jingle Mingle Market.

The artistic prints from Elzemieke proved to be very popular with the buyers at the Japandult. Sharing a stall with her at both markets was fun!

Zaida from The Summer House shop was selling the cutest children shoes ever! They are also available in her Etsy shop.

The ladies behind Limala and KleineKlara shops united their effords and presented wonderful screenprinted children products.

Conny from Vaersgostudio showed her latest creations at the Japandult. This busy graphic designer does not come to many markets but fortunatelly, you can buy her lovely items in her Etsy shop.

Although I tried my best to photograph all, somehow the ladies from Nauli  and Su-pyo managed to escape, what's a pity! Their paperware stalls at the Jingle Mingle Market were fantastic. Fortunatelly, you can buy from them online any time.