Friday, 31 May 2013

Thursday, 30 May 2013

So on trend, I had no idea...

When designing my latest dollies, I knew that swimming caps are cute and retro but I had no idea that they are also the latest trend. I got the latest issue of the the italian Vogue yesterday and there were these photos. It made me laugh...

The photos are borrowed from the "Beaty in Vogue" supplement to number 753 (Vogue Italia), May 2013

Retro dolls arrived...

Here is a pre-view of my brand new articulated retro swimmers.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

T is for Treasury - Just Peachy Keen

One awesome Treasury by OliveBranchOrganic on Etsy:

What am I working on...

This week I have holidays and therefore plenty of time to experiment. Here is a sneak peak at my new doll design. She is still in the making since I am currently experimenting with the best materials and printing media... Some of the one-of-the-kind examples from the developing process might be sold here on my blog in a fun auction... Would you take part?

Ollie, the GIVEAWAY prize, made it safely...

Thank you Patricia for such a sweet post on your blog. I am glad he made it safely across the pond.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

And the lucky DOLL LOTTERY winner is...

The lucky number, I have randomly chosen, is number 14! And the follower number 14 is:

 Maria Bergman

Maria please get in touch, so you can pick the doll you like.

Thank you to all followers, the next doll lottery will be drawn on 28th June!

The DOLL LOTTERY is tonight!

Follow my blog before 10pm tonight and you can be the winner!!!
(your icon must appear on the right hand side of the blog)

Which doll would you choose?

G.L.I.M.P.S. of my studio - my very own ballet class

This is a semi-regular post showing some weird and wonderful items from my studio where craft and pre-school teaching collide.
This is my private ballet class. When you try to teach pre-schoolers how to draw a human body, these figures provide a lots of fun!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

CREATURE FEATURE - Adrienne Kenafake

These weird and wonderful creatures come from the workshop of Adrienne Kenafake. You can find out more about the artist and her work here:

Pinterest Love - The Dryer Survivors

This made me laugh. Do you have any single socks? Here is plenty of ideas what to do with them...


Saturday, 25 May 2013

T is for Treasury - "Shakespear in Love"

The story about self-indulgence...

I have holidays! One whole week without my daily job. I do love teaching but I also love to make and holidays give me some uninterrupted creative time. The problem is, that the transfer from the daily routine into the holiday mode is not easy for me. I tend to either continue to work or do absolutely nothing. So this time, I adopted a different approach. I have ordered myself two days of pure self-indulgence before I start crafting.
First we invited friends for dinner (not too many, so no stress). As I pondered the cooking ideas, I took relaxing bath with cup of coffee and a craft mag. Then we had a fabulous evening with lovely people who bought wonderful fresh flowers with delicious fragrance. The next morning we went shopping, browsing the quirky craft, chocolate and bookshops, we came home with a cute little chocolate box. I also treated myself to huge headphones, so I can really enjoy my music and movies on the go. All this made me happy, calm and relaxed. Now I am ready to start crafting!  

Friday, 24 May 2013

The monthly DOLL LOTTERY - your chance to win one of the Cut & Tear's paper dolls...

To celebrate one month existence in the blogging world, Cut and Tear will be picking one lucky follower of the blog to receive one of the dolls on the picture below (you can choose).
To enter the lottery, your icon must appear on the right handside of the blog. Existing followers will be entered automatically. This lottery will take place every month on the 28th, the selection of the dolls will differe every time. Your loyalty will pay off, since you will be entered repeatedly and your chance to win will increase.
Please share if you can...

T is for Treasury - Juicy June

What a wonderful sunny Treasury: "Juicy June" by RefreshJewelryToo 


Peek into my classroom - the sloth

This week our rainforest eco-system grew again. This time we added a pretty cute sloth. The pre-schoolers worked on the texture of his fur, learning basic markmaking and using variety of tones.

You can find more examples of my student's work here:

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New in my shop - Mimi the mini brooch

This is my latest mini brooch. She is called Mimi and you can buy her also as a bookmark.


I don't have green fingers but I have green dreams...

I am a rubbish gardener, I really try but most of the time I fail. Therefore I have immense respect for people who are good with plants. And some of the best show their work every year in the fabulous Chelsea Flower Show in London. I have never been but I always love to watch it on BBC. This amazing green contest celebrate this year 100 years of existence. Quite amazing! Funny enough, the winner is not from Britain but from Australia and the winning garten, "Trailfinders", is stunning.
Here is a taster:

As I am unable to attend in person, I decided to celebrate the wonderful efforts of all the featured gardeners by creating a green treasury. Just by coincidence, my green little lizard earings have been feaured in one too (by Judy from Judygovintage). Here are both for your inspiration...



Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Just discovered... Biscuiteers blog

This is a blog I am definitelly going to follow. These people make the cutest biscuits I know, have a look, follow or visit their shop when you are in London!
You can get biscuit cars, shoes, flowers, London landmarks, you name it...My personal favourite: "Tea for two"

G.L.I.M.P.S. of my studio - "Jar of Hearts"

This is a semi-regular post showing some weird and wonderful items from my studio where craft and pre-school teaching collide.
This is my jar of love. I've got a lots of small red hearts with cute messages when we first moved together with my boyfriend.They were hidden all around the flat. When I collected them all, I stored them in this jar as a beautiful memory.


This adorable creature comes from the workshop of Cecile Perra. Have a look at her website, it is full off incredible creatures...

Monday, 20 May 2013

T is for Treasury...

Can you gues which film inspired this treasury? It should not be that difficult. ;-)

Shop of the Week...

This week I am showing a lovely jewellery shop "Avery Beth Designs". If you like what you see and wish to learn more about the lovely Patricia (the owner), then click on the links below.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Balconia...

It does not get much better than a glorious morning...

Pinterest love...

Today I discovered a magnetic wallpaper! Amazing, I wish my room was covered by it when I was growing up... It is such a fabulous imagination trigger.

The story about FRIENDSHIP...

Do you have a good friend? I mean a really good one, the one which does not give up on you even when you move for good really far away? Well, I feel incredibly lucky to have one. She is called Ilaria and was a fellow student on Art Teacher's course at Uni. Although we live now in different countries and we see each other less than we would like to, we are still in touch and Ilaria never misses an opportunity to surprise me with a little gift. We love the same things, so it is not too hard to work out what the other one likes. She called me today to tell me, that she managed to get a signed copy of the new Cath Kidston book "Coming up Roses" for me. WOW! It is even dedicated to me, amazing! Thank you, I am so happy that you are my friend Ilaria....

Saturday, 18 May 2013

T is for Treasury..

Here is my latest film inspired treasury, this time it is all "Out of Africa".

New in my shop...

Just sold 3 butterflies to the sunny California and immediatelly replaced them with 2 new ones.
By the way, a friend just told me that the Eurovision Song Contest is using similar ones as a logo this year. Very funny! ;-)

Friday, 17 May 2013


My shop offers FREE SHIPPING on all goods until the end of May. It is a small thank you to my new blog followers and loyal Facebook fans.
You can enter the following code at the Etsy check out, when ordering:
Happy shopping... ;-)


This hilarious toy dinosaur comes from the Poosac shop on Etsy. Check it out, there is more weird and wonderful creations...

Ollie is on his way...

The little owl called Ollie is on his way to the lovely GIVEAWAY winner Patricia...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Peek into my classroom...

This week was all about castles. All we needed were white paper, scissors and couple of paper clips. And this is one of the results (created by 7 years old). The fabulous drawing of the knight is also by him. The kids loved drawing my playmobile figures.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The winner of my GIVEAWAY is...

And the lucky (randomly chosen) winner is: Patricia!!!!
Please get in touch, I need to know where to send Ollie the owl.
Thank you to all my lovely followers, there will be more giveaways in the future, stay tuned... ;-)

T is for Treasury

Here is a little bit of the Great Gatsby glam...

The story of "virtual" kindness...

Yesterday, I blogged about a little doll made by Timohandmade and dropped a note to the maker as I adore her creations and we occassionaly "bump into each other" in the virtual environment of Etsy. This morning I had a note in my mailbox, offering me the featured doll as a present! This incredibly kind gesture left me speachless. How amazing are some Etsy sellers!!!! We have never met, we sit and work on opposite sides of the Globe (almost) but we like each others work and it was enough. I am really touched and cannot wait for this little beauty to arrive to my home...
Thank you SO SO much Timor!
Below is more from her shop, make sure that you look, it is definitelly worth it!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Last chance for a GIVEAWAY

One of these owls (Ollie) will have a new owner tomorrow. Follow my blog for the chance to win!
The winner will be announced tomorrow, here on the blog.


This fabulous doll comes from the Timohandmade shop on Etsy. Timo is one of my favourite makers. Look at this shop to discover the most adorable creatures:

Monday, 13 May 2013

G.L.I.M.P.S. of my studio...

This is a semi-regular post showing some weird and wonderful items from my studio where craft and pre-school teaching collide.
 Would you call it impractical or pretty? I go for the second option even though my threads might get a bit dusty...

Sunday, 12 May 2013

T is for Treasury...

Bitter or Sweet???
Do you also struggle finding inspiration for your treasuries? Here is my idea, interpreting my favourite films... Can you gues this one? ;-)

New in my shop...

5 new butterflies are now available in my Etsy shop... Which one is your favourite?

The Mini-Art story...

A few years ago I have created a series of mini-collages. They are all made from old Vogues and each of them has a little story behind them. The first one I am going to show is called "Salome" - after the vicious beauty. As the biblical story goes, the wicked royal daughter asked for the head of John the Baptist as a reward for her dance, therefore she is two faced and wears a crown. The requested head floats in the background. The little work is framed in a lacy frame crocheted from a plastic bag. Here goes my up-cycling effords and my love for the beautifully sinister...

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

GIVEAWAY reminder

Here is a reminder of the GIVEAWAY. Follow my blog before the 15th May for a chance to win one of my owlies. The lucky winner will be announced here on the 15th May.

T is for Treasury...

Fabulous Feminin Treasury by SoTotallySloane on Etsy:

Peek into my classroom...

Mother's day is approaching, so my pre-schoolers made these fabulous brooches.


This is a semi-regular post, which has been successfully running on Facebook almost a year. Its purpose is to show art dolls and other creatures from independent makers. Please feel free to explore their shops or other media accounts, it is worth it!
Today I found these fabulous little people by CRobinsonArt on Etsy: