Saturday, 25 May 2013

The story about self-indulgence...

I have holidays! One whole week without my daily job. I do love teaching but I also love to make and holidays give me some uninterrupted creative time. The problem is, that the transfer from the daily routine into the holiday mode is not easy for me. I tend to either continue to work or do absolutely nothing. So this time, I adopted a different approach. I have ordered myself two days of pure self-indulgence before I start crafting.
First we invited friends for dinner (not too many, so no stress). As I pondered the cooking ideas, I took relaxing bath with cup of coffee and a craft mag. Then we had a fabulous evening with lovely people who bought wonderful fresh flowers with delicious fragrance. The next morning we went shopping, browsing the quirky craft, chocolate and bookshops, we came home with a cute little chocolate box. I also treated myself to huge headphones, so I can really enjoy my music and movies on the go. All this made me happy, calm and relaxed. Now I am ready to start crafting!  

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