Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The story of "virtual" kindness...

Yesterday, I blogged about a little doll made by Timohandmade and dropped a note to the maker as I adore her creations and we occassionaly "bump into each other" in the virtual environment of Etsy. This morning I had a note in my mailbox, offering me the featured doll as a present! This incredibly kind gesture left me speachless. How amazing are some Etsy sellers!!!! We have never met, we sit and work on opposite sides of the Globe (almost) but we like each others work and it was enough. I am really touched and cannot wait for this little beauty to arrive to my home...
Thank you SO SO much Timor!
Below is more from her shop, make sure that you look, it is definitelly worth it!

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  1. how absolutely wonderful! i love little stories like that! congratulations on your newest little lovie!!