Tuesday, 26 August 2014

London as you DON'T know it...

I have lived in London for more than a decade and I think that I know the city fairly well. Not every corner, of course, it is a little too big for that, but in general I still consider it my second home. This Summer I had an opportunity to see it from a different point of view. Taking art loving teenagers with us, I had to reconsider our usual points of interest and I loved the new experiences.

First we embarked on a fantastic "Street Art Tour" of East London (Shoreditch). Although considered the "hip" area of London, I did not have much to do there whilst still living in the capital and I was amazed how much fun it can be. The guide - Dave - was very good and the tour informative and truly eye opening for me. You can check other reviews of this tour on Tripadvisor. The teenagers enjoyed it too!

Our next stop - the temporary installation ,"The Cornershop" by Lucy Sparow. This fluffy shopping experience was definitely worth a small detour. Even our teenagers had to marvel about the huge assortment of goods - all made of FELT!

The Design Museum was next on our list. Being omitted by many tourists, this place puts on very good shows and we really enjoyed the inspirational "Design of the year"exhibition.

Unexpectedly, the V&A - the shrine of Arts & Craft - had an exhibition about Activism and Art called Disobedient Object. Our teenagers were rather smitten by it and who wouldn't be! Seeing an authentic activist's "handbook" from the recent conflicts was rather sobering experience.

And then of course, few classics: The Shakespeare's Globe is a must even if the 13 & 16 years old do not make much of the old fashioned English. Just being in this remarkable space was a memorable experience! And then the Tate! My place of work for more than 8 years!!! I still feel that I do somehow belong there and I do love meeting old friends and colleagues on my visits. We also did the obligatory Camden Market and our all time favourite Borough Market.

By a pure coincidence, we were staying in the area of the Tower Bridge. Area, which I always explored only as a tourist and never had an opportunity to enjoy it in late evenings or early mornings. I must say that it was enchanting and is to be recommended (if you do not mind longer track to the the tube).

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