Saturday, 9 August 2014

Fancy a treasure hunt in Europe? Look for Luck!

When was the last time you felt lucky? Do you have personal talisman? Do you believe in it or do you have it "just in case"? Do you touch sculptures for good luck or to make a wish?
All these question and more are discussed on this fun blog. In addition, it offers a comprehensive guide of "Lucky Places" in Europe, so you can actually find out if your next travel destination has any public luck-bringing sculptures.

But the best thing about this blog is, that it also offers the opportunity to take part in the Look for Luck "treasure hunt". The artist distributes "luck bringers" in the form of little soaps in galleries, museums and other public places in Europe and offers hints in the form of location and time, so the luck hunters have a chance to find them. The aim is to create a "lucky community" - how appropriate in our hectic and stressful times.

You can search for the lucky soaps, wash your hands and "transfer" a little bit of luck on you. So much the theory... ;-)

The next location is London! Visit the The Luck Blog to find out more!

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