Saturday, 24 August 2013

Berlin for Beginners - Part 3 (Small Shops in a Fabulous Neighbourhood)

Day 3 - TUESDAY - small shops in Prenzlauer Berg

This area cannot be described as "hidden", since it is perhaps the second most visited part of Berlin (after the centre) when it comes to shopping in small and independent shop, nevertheless, it still gave me the feeling of authenticity. Maybe I was lucky, it was an insignificant mid-week afternoon when I was strolling around, but the place was not overcrowded and although English was spoken widely on the streets, most people gave me the "local" impression.

Prenzlauer Berg is just a great area to go to if you are a female and love Etsy (handmade stuff). I wish I could come here to do my Christmas shopping, it could be done in one place and the pressies would be definitelly funky, if not completely unique....  I wish I've taken more photos but I was just enjoying myself too much to play the reporter, maybe next time.

The absolut highlights were the fabulous Anna Blume Cafe with their delicious cakes and great people watching location and the baking shop Cake Ville with their overwhelming variety of baking tools and supplies.

Here is what I found:

1.Lieblings Platz – Handmade Gifts and Workshops for Kids
2. Hobbyshop Wilhelm Ruther – Art and Craft Supplies
3. Buch Kunst Papier – Books and Stationary
4. Cake Ville – Baking supplies (the widest variety!)
5. Me & My Mum – Children Fashion ( Fabulous printed t-shirts etc.)
6. Schatzinsel – Stylish Toystore
7. Presentale – Design/Gifts
8. Tukadu – Bead shop with a twist
9. Werkhaus – Design
10. Anna Blume – Fantastic Café (great cakes and people watching)
11. Kontinental – Design /Gifts (vintage style toys, postcards etc.)

How to do the latest trends on Etsy - The Byzantine craze by Dolce and Gabbana

Don't take me wrong, I am not intending to walked the streets of Munich draped in gold with a glitzy crown on my head. However, I love theatre and opulence and above all, I like to dream. And some fashion shows allow me to dream. The latest Dolce and Gabbana is an example. The problem with designers is, that the goods come with hefty price tags but there is a way around it too, it just needs a little bit of imagination and time to brows on Etsy (or some vintage markets) and a wearable outfit with the touch of the Byzantine Princess can be born... ;-)

The image is from the Dolce and Gabbana Autumn/Winter 13/14 collection, published in MADAME Collections page 33.

To buy any of the items featured in the treasury, please click here:

Friday, 23 August 2013

Berlin for Beginners - Part 2 (Design, Books, Gifts and more...)

Independent and not so independent shops, cafes and some hiding places approved by Cut & Tear...

Day 2 - MONDAY - (please note that some Museums and Galleries are closed)

1.Hackersche Hofe – Variety of shops  and Restaurants (Fashion, Books, Soap, Toys…)
Rosentalerstr. 40-41
It is touristy but you can get some good shots before 10am and the cafes are already open!

2. PRO QM bookshop – Specialized Bookshop
A must for anyone who loves Art, Design or Architecture

3. Siebensachen  - Design
Real designer shop, the guy actually works there!!!

4. Schonhauser Design – Design / Gifts
Alte Schonhauserstr. 28
Great selection of  Design goods and gifts.

5.Gestalten – Design / Books / Gifts

6. Barcomi’s Café

7.Do you read me? – Independent Magazines

8.Clarschens Ballhaus – Restaurant worth viewing
A real relict of Berlin’s past! Beautifully rotten building with old interior. You can stop for a coffee, dinner or  a dance in the evening!

9.Me – collectors room  - Gallery (closed on Monday!)
Interesting private gallery with a shop and café.

10.Heckmann-Hofe – Variety of shops  and Restaurants (Fashion, Books…)
Fabulous hiding place  to eat or rest.

11. Museuminsel – Variety of Museums
All the tourists are going there, so the queues for tickets might be very long, try to book in advance. Some Museums are closed on Monday!

Although all places listed above worth a visit, the real highlights included a fantastic magazine shop "Do you read me". It is not very big but I managed to spend there an hour and left with this fabulous Canadian magazine, which I am intending to surscribe to.

I also enjoyed browsing through the Schoenhauser Design shop (they are currently working on their website). So many things to choose from! But as any good design , a bit pricy...

Another high point of my afternoon was the Barcomi's Cafe with their fabulous lemon cheesecake and freshly squeezed juices.

The Claerchens Ballhaus was a real treat! This partially derilict building houses oldfashion ballroom and you can still go dancing there every night of the week!!!

The courtyard of the Heckman Hofe left me speachless. The view opens out of blue, with the fantastic synagogue roof shimering behind it. There was an empty shop available for rent, so I started to dream immediatelly... ;-) The local bookshop was being refurbished but the owner allowed me a browes and few photos anyway...

Thursday, 22 August 2013


I adore this maker and follow her on FB, you can do the same for a freaquent dose of surreal beaty:!/cecile.perra?hc_location=stream

Berlin for Beginners... Part 1

I finally made it to Berlin!!! Hearing all the tales about the bohemian life and art paradise, I was determined to find "handmade" in Berlin. As I am not so interested in fashion, I was on the hunt for quirky shops offering books, design, stationary and unique gifts in general (as my friend put it, stuff no one needs), do you agree??? ;-)
I was also looking for inspirational places that are not over-run by tourists, well I was tourist myself but I guess you know what I mean...

Here is what I found...

Day 1 - SUNDAY (shops are closed but there is plenty to see anyway)

First stop - flee market / antique market - simply Troedel Markt! ;-)

Second stop - Wonderful green space (Tiergarten) with a hidden spot to find something to eat.
We took a reasonably long walk through the park but it was definitely worth it. The place where we ate is difficult to access otherwise. You can also rent a rowing boat there.

Third stop - Gemaeldegalerie (Fine Art Gallery with paintings only)
Fantastic Gallery with outstanding collection of old masters and virtually NO visitors while everyone is on the Museum Insel. Remember, art does not always have to be taken seriously. We amused ourselves by searching for funny details in the paintings and there are plenty! Check out the devils, angels or small dogs, they are usually the best...
By the way, do not rely on the cafe in this gallery, there are some basics to eat and coffee is available but it is not great.

Places to eat at the end of the long day can be found inside the Sony Centre at the Potsdamer Platz, only few hundert meters from the gallery (there is S-bahn station too). I can strongly reccommend panacotta in the Keisersaal Cafe. ;-) Great for people watching too!

Here is how to get there:

Friday, 16 August 2013

CREATURE FEATURE - The Moon and the Honey

This beauty comes from the shop "The Moon and the Honey" on Etsy. It is my latest discovery and I love it! There is also a boy doll. If you like it too, don't hesitate to click on the link below. The shop is fairly new and surely will be grateful for your attention.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


These two lovelies really made me laugh this morning, they come from the Larion shop on Etsy! If you want to see more dolls and cute brooches, click on the link below. This shop is fairly new and surely deserves some attention!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dolls in Pots - my balcony guardians

Not everything goes according to plan in my studio but sometimes the disasters initiate new ideas. When some of my mini broches turned up too brown, I have used their pointy feet to air the earth in my plant pots and then left them there. They turned up looking lovely, partially hiding among my plants, they are my balcony guardians... Better than a gnome I guess... ;-)

Friday, 2 August 2013

It is a skill to spot beauty...

.... and my observational skills are not the best, I must admit. However, I am trying and when I lucky, it works. Today I discovered these fabulous dry leaves and tried my best with my 10 years old camera.