Saturday, 24 August 2013

Berlin for Beginners - Part 3 (Small Shops in a Fabulous Neighbourhood)

Day 3 - TUESDAY - small shops in Prenzlauer Berg

This area cannot be described as "hidden", since it is perhaps the second most visited part of Berlin (after the centre) when it comes to shopping in small and independent shop, nevertheless, it still gave me the feeling of authenticity. Maybe I was lucky, it was an insignificant mid-week afternoon when I was strolling around, but the place was not overcrowded and although English was spoken widely on the streets, most people gave me the "local" impression.

Prenzlauer Berg is just a great area to go to if you are a female and love Etsy (handmade stuff). I wish I could come here to do my Christmas shopping, it could be done in one place and the pressies would be definitelly funky, if not completely unique....  I wish I've taken more photos but I was just enjoying myself too much to play the reporter, maybe next time.

The absolut highlights were the fabulous Anna Blume Cafe with their delicious cakes and great people watching location and the baking shop Cake Ville with their overwhelming variety of baking tools and supplies.

Here is what I found:

1.Lieblings Platz – Handmade Gifts and Workshops for Kids
2. Hobbyshop Wilhelm Ruther – Art and Craft Supplies
3. Buch Kunst Papier – Books and Stationary
4. Cake Ville – Baking supplies (the widest variety!)
5. Me & My Mum – Children Fashion ( Fabulous printed t-shirts etc.)
6. Schatzinsel – Stylish Toystore
7. Presentale – Design/Gifts
8. Tukadu – Bead shop with a twist
9. Werkhaus – Design
10. Anna Blume – Fantastic CafĂ© (great cakes and people watching)
11. Kontinental – Design /Gifts (vintage style toys, postcards etc.)

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