Friday, 1 November 2013

Reports from the Winter Market Season in Munich - Markt der Sinne

I am not sure if it officially the truth but for me the Markt-der-Sinne (Market of Senses) started the  Winter market season in Munich. The Munich crafting community has been discussing and preparing for this time pretty much since the Summer. As I make only small things and have a day-job, I have been very selective about the markets I will be attending as a vendor but it does not stop me visiting some of the others and showing you some fantastic handmades...

My friends and fellow members of the Creative Lab Munich team on Etsy are selling their unique stuff at the Markt der Sinne and here are some examples:

The girls behind the L'EnfantTerrible brand are real children accessories queens. These little clips would make fantastic Advent Calendar or stocking fillers and will make every little princess look stunning.

They also offer luxurious handmade childern clothing, check out the couture coats. The bibs are reversible and have unique design with a stylish butterfly collar.

Another member of the Creative Lab Munich, Su-pyo makes wonderful prints, cards and the cutest mini approns for ambitious young artists.

And here are the ladies behind the stall! If you missed the Markt der Sinne, then you can find them again selling at the Japandult market on 1st December 2013. I will be there as a seller too!


  1. Looks like so much fun! It's been ages since I've visited any handmade markets. This makes me want to go to one even more<3

    1. Come to visit, the Winter time in Munich is all about markets! ;-)