Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hands Gallery News

Since recently, I am a member of the Hands Gallery - an artist co-operative with a shop in Munich. Today was my day to look after the store, so I decided to take a looooots of pictures and show you what we have in stock...

If you live outside Munich but like what you see and would like to buy, just let me know, it can be arranged. ;-)

Of course, there is much more, so I will be posting as regularly as my life allowes... ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Wahnsinn! So viele Fotos - ich sehe Bücher, 2 Haarbänder, handgestrickte Socken, ein Elchpuzzle, die schöne Bleistifte und noch mehr! Ich freue mich immer solche schöne Sachen in meinem Alltag zu benutzen - da fühle ich mich besonders!