Thursday, 7 May 2015

The mystery Art Teacher

Recently, I have been asked, if I can send the tutorials to my Art projects to my friends (mothers with young children). Since I am always happy to share, I agreed immediately but then I got an even better idea! Why sharing only tutorials, when I can send the entire pack for a project! And the idea of the secret Art Teacher was born! My first SURPRISE art project will be shortly on its way to Berlin to a 7 years old little boy!!!

Since I am an Art Teacher, I have all sort of materials always readily available (you should see my work room!!!), but I can appreciate, that not every mom has the time and the energy to source 5 different items for one specific art project. Now she does not have to! The little pack will show up at her door, complete with a mini photo-tutorial and handwritten note addressed to the budding artist (the child). It will hopefully feel like Christmas! Unexpected present from the Mystery Art Teacher, that offers lots of creative fun!

The wonderful soft watercolour pencils can be, of course, used later for many more creative projects.

This set is for some bubble fun. "Blowing and drawing bubbles"

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