Thursday, 11 September 2014

Postcard from my Workshop - T-shirt Design for MIWC

The Summer is over and the Workshop season starts again!!!

Today I had the pleasure the work with the lovely ladies from the Munich International Women's Club. If you are a female,  live in Munich and are not yet a member of this fabulous organization,  join in!!! Click here to visit the clubs Website. They offer so many activities and it is a great and safe way to meet new people.

As few of the club members take part in the Women's Run Muenchen on Saturday 13th September, we decided to make unique club T-shirts.

Although the design contained fixed elements - letters of the slogan "run for fun" and a logo of the club, each member had the opportunity to position the letters differently. As a result, everyone had a team design and a unique T-shirt at the same time.

If you would like a similar workshop for group of friends or team of colleagues in Munich, I am happy to design and lead it, just leave me a comment below this post or get in touch through my Cut and Tear Facebook page.

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