Sunday, 2 March 2014

Experimental Scrapbooking (great memory book on a shoe-string budget)

The Memory Book - Naples

Are you also trying to hold on the holiday feeling for a little bit longer? What do you do? Photobooks in computer or old good scrapbooks or decorated albums?

I also don't like letting go and plunging stright back to daily reality after few days in "a parallel universe", where I can be a tourist and just look and wonder...  I tend to take tones of photos (far too many) and I also collect all sort of memorabilia available on our trips (tickets, bills, busines crads of restaurants, museum maps and brochures etc.). The problem is, that there is usually so little time to create something out of the materials while the memories are still fresh. Well, this time I made it and it really didn't take too long. I do like the result and the best thing about it is, that I didn't need to buy any scrapbooking supplies except a bit of washi tape.

The base of the book, is a soft-binded brochure about 18th century Neapolitan painting. I bought it in one of the many second-hand bookshops scattered about Naples. The cost - 2 Euro!

At home, I used only the collected memorabilia, a bit of tissue paper to create the "fresco effect" on the front, glue, scissors, washi tape to unite the pages and few self-produced textured round stickers... Here is the result!

If you are interested in more detail DIY guide or would like to attend an "Experimental Scrapbooking Workshop" in Munich, please leave me a comment below.



  1. These are exactly what my inspiration books look like...I would go on inspirational trips to inspire my next projects and compile everything in to use in later projects/collections, I was paid to do this, it was part of my job. Now they sit in my Keller. Hahaha. 'Scrapbooking' is fun but really useful later on when you have a creative rut.

    1. Oh wow! I want to see them! Get them out next time, we will take some pics!!!