Monday, 24 February 2014

Taking my camera for a walk in Naples

There are many reasons to say: “See Naples and die..."

Reading a few internet explanations, it is really not clear if the quote refers to the golden age of the city or its problems with cleanness and the inevitably following diseases. My recent visit did not make it unfortunately any clearer.

There were few reasons for the later explanation:
  • The appalling state of the airport bus - we were really not sure if we will survive the journey to the port.
  • The absolutely crazy behaviour of the motorcyclists in the narrow streets and sometimes even on pedestrian zones...
  • Or the sightings of cockroaches in the train station cafe, indicating a very poor state of hygiene.
However, the incredible amount and quality of the art in local museums, monasteries, churches and palaces really speaks for the first explanation. As an art lover, I have concluded that it is worth stepping over quite a few dog sh**ts to see what Naples has to offer.

Here is my attempt to capture the city of contrasts...

When you are lucky, the city offers amazing views... Castel dell'Ovo, view of Capri and Piazza Plebiscito.

The narrow streets where even Smart looks like a LandRover, peeling walls and the luxurious arcades.

If you can brave the small streets slightly away from the beaten track, the market stalls offer great photo opportunities (watch the dog sh*t though!) And yes, it is cheese!!!

Did you know that this was happening as Jesus was born? Well, Naples has amazing tradition of nativity scenes and the local museums offer wide varieties of scenarios.

One entire street sells only nativity scenes "equipment" (not only figures but everything imaginable) and there is also a "doll hospital" - ospedale le bambole!

And last but not least the arts... Here are two pearls from my partner's camera... Museums don't need to be boring; you just need know how to look...

If you are interested in tourist info about Naples, see my previous blog post.

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  1. This looks amazing! Definitely makes me want to go there too:) Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!