Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Advent Calendar School - What is inside #4

Last year I ordered  24 samples of tea from the wonderful Karen from the ArtfulTea shop on Etsy. My boyfriend loved it. The packaging was gorgeous, the tea tasted fantastic and the variety of flavours never got boring. I looked today to offer you a link to Karen's shop and found this brilliant, ready made Tea Advent Calendar!!! So, now it is up to you, you can order the whole calendar or you can order just some tea from this lovely shop, but in any case, you should try Karen's tea! ;-)


  1. Kate - I am so grateful to you for your order last year that inspired me to do a "Tea Advent Calendar" this season. It was great fun to work out just how to present it as a ready-made-kit. I got a little creative with the flavors, too (for instance, "Solstice Spice" on the Solstice, "Midnight Rose" on Christmas Eve...). It's been well received so far, and I have you to thank! Wishing you a beautiful holiday season! ~ Karen

    1. I am so happy about that!!! We enjoyed it SO much last year! I am loving your new creative flavours too, I am really tempted now! ;-)
      I wish you many happy customers!