Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Advent Calendar School - Part 2

This was my second Advent Calendar for my boyfriend. I have figured that the hearts I made earlier did not offer enough space for bigger chocolates (and we tend to spoil ourselves), so I designed a folded house. As I do love upcycling, I used the heaps of news paper scattered around our flat. The inspiration for my houses came first from architectural books and Amsterdam postcards but at the end I focused on Prague (where else, I am Czech after all). ;-)
The houses were a lots of fun to draw but it was rather time-consuming, so if you fancy this idea, you better start ASAP. ;-) Here is the garland - feel free to nick the designs for your own use (but please do not sell your products).

It is also possible to make a calendar just from the plain newspaper houses, they also look cute and do not take so much time to make. I am sorry that I do not offer an exact tutorial how to fold as I am planning workshops here in Germany but if you are really interested, become a follower of my blog and get in touch and I am very happy to send you a tutorial. ;-)

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