Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fine Example of Teamwork on Etsy

For the past year, I've been fortunate enough to be part of a very cool team of sellers on Etsy. This team is called "Killercool" and they do know how Etsy works. The members are successful sellers and this success is partly due to their personal abilities, original product, fine product photography but also partly to their willingness to work as a team.

 Today is the team's second anniversary and the members, me included, were "treasuring" each other continuously since last night. 100 member in the team, 3 treasuries per member, that makes min 300 treasuries in 24 hours!!! My shop has been lucky enough to be chosen for more than 20 treasuries, that is a real boost for my viewing numbers and it did not cost me a cent (except of my time, of course), but I do enjoy making treasuries, it is almost like curating an exhibition. When the artists are good, the work is done quickly and well and we all sell!

Thank you so much my fellow team members, you rock!!!

Here are just 3 examples of the fabulous treasuries I had the honour to be featured in.

Easy Peasy by The86Forthe Home

 Cut That Out by Gazaboo

Rich by DeborahAlysounArt

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